STRADIVARIUS WeLoveMartha contacted us to develop a promotional video for a new store on Passeig de Gracia. All the content is an oniric presentation of the store and one of the jackets that they sale.   Client: Stradivarius Creative direction:  Anibal Parada Production & AD: WeLoveMartha Art direction: WeLoveMartha Diseño sonoro: Ohanzo Soundlab 3D animation  […]


REDBULL Norte Studio contacted us to do the shading, lighting and super refreshing drops of this 3D RedBull cans. Final customer: RedBull Executive production: Maria SolerCreative direction: Norte StudioProduction and Art direction: Norte Studio3D animation: Norte Studio and GrocPostproduction: Norte StudioAudio: Álex Candela


CELO Smile Films contacted us to develop a promotional and explanatori video for Celo.   All the content is about the screws and all the small technolody involved in a complex machine, a car in this case.      Client: Celo   Creative direction:  Manu Crossier   Production & AD: Smile Films   Art direction: […]

Festival Blanc

BLANC 2021 Corvina i Turbot approached us with this brif: We imagine Ophiuchus as an “astrological object” to which we will give life. A kind of geometric totem made up of different pieces that can move and change. Sometimes it will remember a serpentine creature, at other times we will not know how to identify […]


Reebok Pump he Reebok Pump is a line of athletic shoes that was first released on November 24, 1989. It was the first shoe to have an internal inflation mechanism that regulated a unique fitting cushion in the lower and upper tongue to provide locking around the ankle.   We helped The Others to inflate […]


Homelandbrothers I AM LIMON, called us to contribute to the creation of props for the advertising campaign of this video game. Our team focuses on developing elements such as grenades, deploying drones, and helicopters.  Production: Cream Paris & I am Limon Directed by: Chakal Post Production: I am Limon DOP: Oscar Faura3D Editor: Chakal


TROPS We work for Glassworksfx in this great project animating the avocado characters.   We were so proud to have participated in this award winning project. Client: Trops Agency: Rosebud Director: Marco Huertas Production: GlassworksVFX 3D Artists: Xevi Torroella, Gerard Foix Colourist: Dani Granado


ESADE Under the creative direction of Eleven, we created this piece to promote ESADE’s open days. The main idea was to prepare an animation adapted to the most common formats for networks 1:1, 16:9 and 9:16 Final costumer: ESADE Creative direction: ElevenArt direction and Illustration: GrocComposition and animation: Groc 

Ros Roca

ROS ROCA Ros Roca contacted us to create this explanatory video for ICON, his lateral charge container. We produced this piece focusing on every specific part, showing the benefits and the applications.   Final customer: Ros rocaProduction: Groc Art direction: Groc3D animation and  composition: Groc